Pavilion design for the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.



The "Realm" was designed with the inspiration of time and space to create an emotional resonance as the person passes through the sculpture.  

The piece consists of two reflective surface planes only 1" thin leading to two seating elements, following the radius of the Kravis Center.  As one travels through the sculpture, beauty and interest is showcased through the illusion of infinite patterns.  I wanted to enhance the volume of the design, while keeping the structure modern and minimal.

Inner wall section composed of 250 name plates stating the names of the donors.




Early development


New LED technology panels allow  compact manufacturing methods. 


250 Name plates were made to be easily interchangeable using a simple magnet system. 

The name is an adhesive sticker sandwiched between the top and mid layer of glass. The bottom layer is corian to diffuse the light softly and evenly. Leaving a luxurious feel to the name plate. 


Wall Dimension: 7'height x 5'width.

Name templates are only located on the inner facing surface. Outer facing surface consists of the patterns only. 


At the Kravis Center


Video in courtesy of Pratt Institute and the Kravis Center.


Early sketches