A Tasty Take on Medieval Rosary Beads



Imagine being able to see, touch, taste and hear a delicate piece of art as it crumbles in your mouth...

Kevin Yoo has led a project at the Metropolitan Museum in collaboration with Barbara Boehm (Curator of Medieval Art Department), Pete Dandridge (Conservator and Administrator Department of Objects Conservation), and 3D Systems to recreate traditional designs of the Rosary Bead in sugar. Utilizing 3d printing technology, Kevin plans to bring a new outlook into how edible art will be in the future.


The “Medieval Treasures & Chocolate Pleasures” brings into harmony historical artifacts and the revolutionary technology of 3D-printing edibles. Exploring the uncharted grounds of the future in collaboration with Barbara Boehm and Pete Dandridge. This project would not have been possible without the outside companies such as 3D systems and Hersheys; by providing a new and unique opportunity in which utilizes sugar and chocolate printing methods. 


The Medieval Art Collection directly influenced “Medieval Treasures.”   Carefully identifying the art with the technology potential in mind allows a new way of replicating objects. The Rosary bead in specific opened immediate interest for myself and Barbara. Due to its religious aspect, the exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.


3000 images of CT scans were composed using OsiriX to create the volumetric, digital model.