Prosthetic hand

Michael is a Designer with a trans-radial amputee.

He had a very expensive, state of the art robotic hand that could practically do nothing. Only to look like an exact replica of a hand - wrapped in skin toned silicone with slow "thumb" motor control.

He could not hold a pen to write his name.

So this is the solution I proposed to him.


Easily replaceable shock-absorber.

  • Enhance control and precision
  • Allow easy replacement of tools

Surface guide and weight distributor. 

  • Enhance stability and control
  • Soft plastic w. divots allow smooth glide on multi-surfaces
  • Scratch proof, waterproof & wear-resistance



The drawing hands



Natural prosthetic.

How do you provide the feel of natural movement and tension within a prosthetic hand.

Prototypes were made to test the attachments for enhancing the       feel of stability.